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A Spokane Indian in Harvard Square

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A Vacuum is a Space Entirely Devoid of Matter

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The Short Happy Life of Robert Polatkin

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The Inventions of Hasan Minhaj

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The Sandwich Maker (now with audio)

The Sandwich Maker

Two Rivers Calling Me

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Things that Sang to Me #1

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The Estimate Will Be Delivered When the Estimate is Due

The Undiscovered Country

I Don't Know How to Eat This - A Poem In Progress

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The Salmon Illumination

One Hundred Black Bears

Highway Lazarus

Buffalo People and Salmon People are Not the Same People

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Smoke Signals - 25th Anniversary Screening

My Father's Novel

Lone Tree

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Justify or Justice

A Window in Spokane, Washington

My Weekend Among the Evangelicals

The Atheist's Lament

Somebody's Knocking, Should I Let Him In?

What's the Closest You've Come to Death?

Apartment Story, Motel Story, Gun Story

Zoom Reading - Thursday, June 8th, 2023

My Father Was Sometimes the Emily Post of the Spokane Indian Reservation


The "I" in BIPOC: Not All Native Americans are Leftist Political Activists

Hometown, Homeland


St. Ignatius of Big Sky

Ode to Target



Bug and Mouse

Pine as Noun and Verb

This Morning, Joy

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Short Term, Long Term

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The Absolutely Banned Novel of a Full-Time Indian Writer

Surviving the Knife

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When I Was a Drunk

60,000 Miles

Dear Bird in the Detroit Metro Airport

Our Failed Rock Band

Sister Song, Brother Song

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Me

The Answering Machine

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The Land of Drought

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How Do You Say Vengeance in Your Tongue?


Your Casino or Mine?

Who Goes Missing, Who Gets Found

Wrecked and Wrecked Again


The Life of a Salesman

Rare with Some Signs of Wear

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