Sitemap - 2021 - Sherman Alexie


Coyote Solstice

Orca Song



My Interview About Ernest Hemingway

A Good Story

Good Fences - First Draft

The Best Sandwich Maker in Seattle

Fixed Income

The Rain is Why I Live in Seattle

The Foot Soldiers of Capitalism

The Poet of Winter

Radioactive Love Song


Bird Woman, Bird Mother

The Beverage War

Sugar Town

Don’t Worry, You Won’t Feel a Thing

Poets, Politicians, and Mushrooms

Baby, You’re a Star!

Rewrite - Wolf Dancing

Wolf Dancing

The Jukebox is on Fire

Among Strangers


Three Chords

Farewell Party


MartyJo’s Lament

The Most Beautiful YMCA in the World

The Flea Chronicles

Written While Sitting in My Car During a Rain Shower as I Watched Traffic on Interstate 90


None of This Will Matter a Year From Now

Exile as Noun and Verb

The Best Hamburger in Spokane, Washington

Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song

Damn Birds, Damn Jesters

The Dishwasher at the End of the Universe

With Time

Johnny Ray Gun

Hunker Down

What Parades Mean to Me


Ode to Tonya Harding

Once Upon a Time on the Reservation

Morning Prayer

A Glimpse at the Editorial Process

The Fifth Annual All-Indian Eugene Boyd Memorial Basketball Tournament

A Tragedy in Six Words

All the Gold in California

Carnival of Souls

How to Measure the Distance Between the Wave and the Shore

A Cow, Pig, and Sheep Walk into a Bar

My Father, My Houdini

Because Librarians, Longing to be Holy, Can Become Arsonists

Basketball in Mania & Depression

Ode to Weeknight Dinner

Running Errands in the Time of Covid

The Amateur’s Guide to Arson

Ode to Sadness

White People I Have Loved #1

Richard Something

Why Do I Always Forget the Roller Coaster on Santa Monica Pier?

John Wayne’s Teeth

The Bipolar Man Loves Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Ode to White Cop

Maple Street Bridge


Hurry Takes a Long Time

The Long Harvest